Welcome to my website for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike. My name is Bob Cordell and I hope you will enjoy the contents here. I am both an engineer and a DIY hobbyist, and I love to mix the two.

Designing Audio Power Amplifiers

McGraw-Hill 2010 • ISBN 007164024X

My book Designing Audio Power Amplifiers is published by McGraw-Hill. The 600-page book covers the art and science of audio power amplifier design in a way that is intended to be readable and valuable to professionals, enthusiasts and academics alike. I have tried to make the book broad and deep, with 31 chapters covering topics ranging from amplifier and transistor basics to sophisticated feedback compensation schemes, class D amplifiers and SPICE simulation. Take a quick tour of the book by clicking below to see the Preface, Chapter Listing, Table of Contents and back cover. Whether you are new to amplifier design or a seasoned professional with years of experience, I think you'll enjoy the read.

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What's on this Site

Here you'll find information on audio electronics design and loudspeaker design, with several examples of each described. Within audio electronics, most of the material is devoted to power amplifiers and the design of audio test instruments, a good example being a DIY THD analyzer. The loudspeaker area includes descriptions of four loudspeakers, including an active 3.5-way mini-tower and a subwoofer. Most of the speaker designs use first-order transient accurate crossovers. The loudspeaker section also includes a description of EQSS™, a patented low frequency loudspeaker system technique that combines the best features of sealed systems and vented systems. Finally, over the years I've published a number of papers on audio, and PDF's of those are also available here.